Google Appealing India Search Bias Antitrust Verdict

Google the online search behemoth filed an appeal against a judgement from the competition watchdog in India at the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal or NCLAT. The judgement found that Google was guilty of “search bias,” said two sources close to the matter.

Google filed its appeal on Monday, said the sources.

In February, India’s CCI or Competition Commission of India imposed a fine of 1.36 billion rupees equal to $20.95 million on Google. The CCI said that Google abused its dominance in searches on the web and online search ad markets.

Google, which is the core unit for Alphabet, based in the U.S., has not responded to requests made for comment.

An official with the CCI said the judgement that the commission handed down, was a robust one and that it is planning to defend that verdict with the NCLAT.

In its judgement of 190 pages, the CCI said that Google had found to be taking part in search bias and because of doing so, had caused much harm to its fellow competitors as well as all those who use the search service.

The judgement by the Indian watchdog is the most recent setback dealing with antitrust for the most popular search engine anywhere in the world.

The European Commission in 2017 imposed record-breaking fine of €2.4 billion equal to $3 billion on Google for its favoring of its own shopping services while demoting those of its rivals. That verdict has been appealed by Google.

In India, watchdog found that Google, via the design of its search, had put its own search functions for commercial flights in a prominent position within the results page from the search, which was a disadvantage to all the businesses attempting to gain an additional piece of the market.

The ruling by the CCI brought its probe to an end that was started in 2012 by the competition watchdog after complaints were filed by Bharat Matrimony the matchmaking website and Consumer Unity and Trust Society, which is the non-profit organization.

Since Google has appealed the judgement, it could be until sometime in 2018 before the final outcome its determined.

Google has run into several antitrust issues in the Europe and elsewhere due to how the search results are displayed on its website.

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