Jet.Com Unveils Private Label Brand In Hunt For Millennials

The Walmart-owned has announced a private label brand known as Uniquely J. This comes amidst a push by its parent company to fight off Amazon as consumers increasingly do their shopping online.

“We’re excited to introduce Uniquely J to consumers, confident that they’ll embrace the products and soon begin to consider them essential to their day-to-day shopping,” said the president of, Liza Landsman.

Brand loyalty

Retailers have been increasingly embracing private label products as current trends indicate that there is wavering brand loyalty as the priority has shifted to price. Earlier in the year a website which offers only unbranded items costing $3 known as Brandless was launched. For Walmart and Amazon private label products are necessary to attract shoppers since both are aiming to become a one-stop for everything.

Amazon has been selling private label brands for a number of years now though those efforts became more pronounced after it acquired Whole Foods. Some of Amazon’s private label products include Mama Bear baby items and Happy Belly snacks. After purchasing Whole Foods, Amazon now also owns the grocer’s private label brand, 365.

Economies of scale

One of the benefits likely to accrue to both Amazon and Walmart are the economies of scale. This is because manufacturers depend on both retailers for sales and consequently it is in their best interests to cooperate with these retailer to develop products for them.

Under the Uniquely J brand, various items will be offered and this includes laundry detergent, coffee and toilet paper. And since it is focused on metro millennials, will place an emphasis on products which are sustainable as well as those which young consumers consider trendy. In this regard some of the products will include cleaning wipes made with lemon thyme basil which will cost $5.37. There will also be organic teriyaki sauce packaged in a 14-ounce bottle and which will cost $3.48. All these products will be delivered in boxes that have been designed by artists.

According to the head of private label brands at, Dan Hooker, the aim of the Uniquely J is to eliminate the tradeoffs which consumers have to make and ensure the purchase decision is easy since products offers will only provide value but also quality and style.

The launch of the private label brand by Jet comes at a time when Walmart is involved in efforts to turn its e-commerce site,, into an online mall rather than just a discount shopping website.

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