MV800- Samsung camera

MV800 is a camera camcorder and it’s a compact camera. It’s a newly developed model in Multidimensional view and 2Dimensional view.

1)    Cost: The Indian showroom price is Rs. 15,999 only.
2)    Angle: Multi view is 30 angles to 180 angles.
3)    Zoom: Its 26mm wide and 7.62 touch panel. It’s approximately 16.15 MP with 5X optical zoom in and zooms out.
4)    Appearance: 92.0mm is width, 56.2mm height, 18.33mm dimension.
5)    Image sensor: It possesses very sensitive sensor type of CCD and effective pixel is marked as 16.15MP and however the total pixel is 16.44MP.
6)    Mode: The specified mode is Dual IS (OIS + DIS).
7)    Lens: Focal length is equivalent to 26-130 mm in 35mm format and for this MV800 its 4.7 – 23.5mm. Focus number is F3.3 – F5.9.
8)    Digital zoom: The image is so still image mode with 1X to 5X optical zoom range.
9)    Display: The display of the screen is seen through TFT LCD (light crystal display). Feature is 7.62cm which is 288,000 pixels. Size is 7.62 cm wide screen.
10) Focus: TTL auto focus of normal range of 80cm and infinity 150cm. Macro is 5 to 80cm and nevertheless the Auto focus macro value is 5cm to infinity (100cm).
11) Flash: Flash of every camera would be so strong so has to capture the image also during dark night. Flash range or the distance that covers is wide 0.2 to 3.2m and Tele range is 0.5-1.8m. Recharging time for every flash light is just 4 seconds.
12)Speed and exposure: In continuous shot of the camera its ¼ to 1/2000 seconds and night shot is 1/6 to 1/2000 seconds per AEB and Auto shot is 1/8 to 1/2000 seconds/ program.
13) Storage: Internal memory is 10MB and MicroSD is provided up to 2GB and expandable memory range of 32GB.
14) Power: It has rechargeable battery with connector type with USB port.

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