Male Reproductive system highly affected due to the usage of laptop

According to the urologist, Yelim Sheynkin of State University of New York at Stony Brook, the recent survey conducted and study carried out in fertility and sterility showed that the reproductive system of male gets affected due to the usage of laptop. Only solution they have come across is using laptop on the desk.

The study was carried out, with the help of thermometers which was used to measure the temperature of the scrotums of about 29 youngsters, by poising a laptop on their knees. Even with the usage of a pad for the laptop, the scrotum of men was heated up promptly.

Sheynkin, the urologist says that almost every one out of six couples in America suffers from the problems of conceiving. Most of the problem raised due to infertility that has affected the male members, as millions of people in the reproductive age are using laptops, the scrotal temperature of them increases and according to research it will take only 10-15 minutes for such a step-up.

The known fact is that, under normal conditions the testicles are kept outside the human body, in order to keep them cooler than inside, which is required for the production of sperm.

Though studies have found that laptops affect the fertility of a male, there is no substantial evidence as to how it will affect, Sheynkin said. But researches have proved that heating the scrotal sac even for more than a degree Celsius is sufficient to destroy the sperm.

Other factors like usage of drug as well as nutrition may affect the reproductive system, though dresses like tight jeans and briefs are not supposed to affect the testicles as people are freely moving around with it, which reduces the risk.

The researchers have found that the temperature of the testicles even goes up to 2.5C, when men keep the laptop with their legs closed without any movement.

The usage of lap pad may keep the testicles much cooler, but you cannot fully avoid the heat transferred to the skin. Though using laptop for sometime doesn’t cause much damage and only frequent usage might impart to the problems, as the time for the scrotum to get cooled becomes less.

Finding a solution to the above problem, men can sit with their legs wide apart by keeping the computer on a lap pad to make scrotum much cooler, but still it will take less than  half an hour time prior to overheating.

However, even after keeping the legs wide apart, there is a good chance for the temperature to rise, according to Sheynkin.

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