Line Handy Paper Cutter

Everyone knows that a paper cutting is very important job when you are working with a stamp or a scrapbook. The nice and clean cuts show the professionalism and exactness of your work whereas sloppy cuts can down your impression. If you want to complete the task of cutting papers appropriately in addition to some other tool-friendly tasks such as cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges then you should use the Line Handy Paper Cutter.

The Line Handy Paper Cutter is an elegant device that can replace your trusty, always ready-to-use hobby knife. The cutter is a mouse sized device that is used as a mouse, just click the button for starting the cutting. The device comes with a spinning cutting blade which is raised or lowered at the touch of a button. These spinning blades provide smooth movement and effortless cutting. It also makes the curved lines cutting easier than a pen knife. A replaceable battery is used by it to operate.

The Line Handy Paper Cutter is especially designed for smaller items up to 6 inches. You will definitely be disappointed, if you will buy it for the larger sheets of paper. The device can also be useful for trimming the photographs. The size of this cutter is small so it cannot cut several layers at once. Its blade is self sharpening and will not require replacing. But if you ever to replace the blades, they can be bought separately.

The Line Handy Paper Cutter is a durable and rust proof device that can be purchased with the price tag of $40. This stylish gadget can be the best gift for those who are interested in stencils. The device is available in four attractive colors – Blue, White, Brown and Green. The weight of cutter is 38 grams and size is 120 x 48 x 35 mm.

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