Huawei Honor Review: outperforming Smartphone

In the modern science and emerging technology of Smartphone the Huawei Honor seems to be benchmark in the tech specific and it’s been a pleasant surprise to see such an outperformance of the Smartphone.

1)    Cost: It is approximately Rs. 20,000 whereas showroom cost is Rs.19, 990.
2)    Power and Processor: It is powered up by 1.4GHz and the processor is Snapdragon. Processor of OS would crash only when battery is low and usage is high.
3)    Battery: The battery is 1,900 mAh and if the charge is low switch to power saving mode to save 40% charge and usage increases to another 1 hour.
4)    Display and keyboard: It has 4-inch LCD display and the screen refreshes itself every two hours and good at calls, texting and quick games. It has bright screen. It has QWERTY keyboard for comforting the gaming operation.
5)    Touch and certified: It has smooth interface to facilitate the scroll option. It is DLNA-certified which means that it can share with other camera, music, video and gaming option.
6)    Camera: It has 8 MP camera at the rear end and 2MP camera at the front end of the phone. Autofocus option is available.
7)    Memory: It has internal memory of 4GB and the SD card available to enable 32GB memory space in it. Interestingly “All Backup” function option is available to backup and restore the data that is being lost.
8)    Likes: Utilitarian applications with 8MP camera for classic photography and its Smooth interface.
9)    Dislikes: It however implies inconsistence in the image quality with the bland design but not sleek.

This Smartphone is definitely doesn’t disappoint the customers and nevertheless the camera doesn’t always gives the same result with clarity and the keyboard facilities the easy usage for playing games. It is not only phone to use but also entertainment as playbook for games.

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