How to do mobile application in java

To do mobile application then you basically need j2Me setup. Mobile application can be developed in any platform like NetBeans, j2Me, blackberry and Mac book. In Mac book the developed OS can be used only for Apple. Nevertheless if it’s developed in j2Me then it suits nay platform and any mobile. Stimulators can also be used to develop the simple mobile application.

Steps in creating application in j2ME:
1)    Download the setup or .exe file from website and right click the downloaded file give run option.
2)    The dialog box opens with many questions, read it and tick the appropriate box and choose next option. Then finally complete the step with finish option.
3)    Now open it up and select new project option from file menu or directly select from tab bar.
4)    The new project will always be created with the default package which has “HelloMIDlet” as its class.
5)    To create new midlet, select it and giver right click -> new -> MIDlet. Trying to write coding is too high, so cut copy paste any of the mobile application.
6)    Remove all the errors, if any warning occurs there is nothing to worry and note only one thing, it’s just like java, both the class name and filename has to be same and error will occur.
7)    In the projects sidebar, select your project ->right click ->run option or directly give run (one side inverted triangle).
8)    If you can’t find any of the mobile applications, then in worst case there are predefined applications with codes in the start page, take the codes and run your application.
9)    There opens the mobile phone and the screen is the display and the phone buttons used to control the actions such as back, exit and all, if the application is success then the expected result will be obtained on the screen.

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