Heat and Wi-Fi complaints: iPad

Apple’s new iPad is the coolest product and a revolution in electronic device that has been sold out in for 3 million copies in just a weekend time.  Nevertheless Apple’s iPad is hot to use. However now, in recent days several customers have reported that the next generation computer is also very hot device to handle out.

Seeing the statistics some complaints the discharge of heat while handling and others report that the Wi-Fi connection is not proper in the iPad. The manufacturing defects and other major complaints regarding iPad are dealt in San Francisco. US magazine of consumer reported that this iPad is really hotter than its older version.

However it reached peak temperature of 46 degrees while playing the video games and 39.5 degrees in regards to iPad2. The Apple consoled them that the iPad works fine even with the heat disposure and within the temperature limits, but the customers who use the iPad in hand and lap felt discomfort with heat issues.

In 2010, for iPad2 similar problems were reported and the Apple launched for a software update to fix the problems subsequently and now new iPad seems to have the similar issues, PC M magazine exclaimed.

Hotness exposed while working has slightly seems to affect the quad core processor and in turn it affects the processor to operate in the high resolution screen. According to the file reported by Apple it is more than 4 million pixels than its predecessor. Customers feel that only the emerging technology can resolve this.

To ABC news, Paul Reynolds, Electronics editor said that the device is made insecure due to the varying temperatures while using. However depending on where you hold your iPad you to manage to hold and adjust in such a way the heat doesn’t affect much and nevertheless this is not a kind of safety Hazard.

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