Great ideas for content to distribute on USB flash drives

Great ideas for content to distribute on USB flash drives

If you’re looking for a new way to advertise your company, think about using promotional products that you could give away for free. Make sure you tailor your gift to what your target audience would really like to receive, which for office workers means only one thing – branded memory sticks.

USB flash drives are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people work from different locations – whether that’s a hot desk in the office, at home or in their local coffee shop! And USBs aren’t just used in a work environment – many people use them at home to store important documents or family photos.
According to a survey by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 45 per cent of people surveyed said they would most like to receive a memory stick more than any other type of promotional merchandise.

If you buy promotional USBs with your logo and contact details printed on them, just think about the repeated exposure you are likely to generate every time the recipient pops your memory stick into their PC, laptop or tablet.

To really capitalise on this advertisement potential upload content on to the USB sticks before you distribute them. Read on for some tips on what you could upload.


Organisations that take a stand at a trade show, exhibition or sales conference often distribute promotional USBs to attendees. A free gift, like a flashdrive, can really help to drive footfall to the stand. In the limited time you have available with visitors to your stand you’ll want to outline what your organisation does and how you stand out from the competition. But it can be difficult to cover all the points you want to make. By including a presentation on the branded USB sticks you can include important information about your company – which the trade show visitor can look at in further detail after the event.

This is particularly useful if you’re presenting a seminar at the event. Firstly, by being given a free USB stick with all the notes on, audience members won’t be distracted during your presentation by scribbling down important information. You will have their undivided attention!

Secondly, having the presentation on the memory stick means that attendees can have a look over the notes again if they want further clarification on something or to remember a particular point you made. This means that not only will they be able to recall your seminar more easily, but with your brand logo and name on the presentation and the flash drive, they should also remember your organisation more vividly too.

Marketing materials

Organisations that distribute branded memory sticks to their customers or clients could upload various marketing materials to the USBs. Examples could include:
• A catalogue of the current product range – together with price list and terms and conditions;
• A presentation of new products introduced to the range;
• A list of special offers and / or discount codes
• Detailed product specifications;
• Video demonstrations on how to use certain products or navigate the website;
• A list of retail locations and contact details;
• Account manager’s contact details or teamsheet.

Promotional flashdrives should provide you with a great opportunity for your brand or marketing message to get repeated exposure. More importantly, if you upload marketing materials to the USBs, there is a great opportunity for you to generate sales enquiries and drive traffic to your website.

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