Geotagging with GPS – What, Why and How

Have you ever seen a picture of a beautiful landscape or small town and wished that you could find out where it was taken? Maybe you want to make it clear where your own photographs have been taken, or search for media that are related to a particular location.


Of course, a photograph or piece of video on its own may not give you that information, so unless you can find the photographer’s website or a webpage with information you are out of luck. Or at least, you were out of luck until geotagging came along.


Geotagging is basically a way of including hidden date in media, including videos and pictures. This hidden date allows people to find out the location where the image or video was captured. Most often, geotagged media will include the latitude and longitude, but you can also find some with place names, altitude, bearing and other information.


How to Geotag Your Photos or Videos


There are two main ways of including geographical information with your media. You can use programs, such as Panoramio or Flickr, to “attach” the photo or video to a map after it has been taken, but this can be both inaccurate and tedious.


The easiest and likely the best way to geotag is to use GPS tracking to capture the information you need at the same time you take the picture. Some modern cameras from Ricoh, Sony and Nikon already have a built-in GPS that will allow you to geotag your photos automatically, as do some cell phones, including the Motorola Backflip and the iPhone.


Other models may have both a GPS chip and a camera, but are lacking built in software to automatically geotag the photos. In many of these cases you can simply download software that will allow you to use the GPS data that your phone can collect to tag your photos. Alternatively, you can use a standalone GPS at the same time that you take your pictures and then process the image later to include the location data that you captured.


Geotagging your photos and videos won’t just help other people – as the years go by this information will help to jog your memory. You’ll be able to better remember the experiences you enjoyed while taking the videos and pictures that you now have.

Now that you know a little bit about geotagging, consider learning more about GPS tracking. Post written by guest blogger Susan Connolly.

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