Fujifilm X10, Classic style

If you are the one searching for a camera with retro style, rangefinder, greater appearance, fixed lens access, excellent manual controls you can surely try out this Fujifilm camera. This is the most innovative camera that is being launched this year and it is in such a way of satisfying the needs of the photographer.

The forefather of this camera is Fujifilm FinePix 100; however this was not up to the mark and appeal of the camera dint fill the gap between a user friendly photographer and their camera.


Specification and added features:
1)    Looks: The looks are little stolen from X100 camera. It’s of magnesium alloy with the leatherette finish.
2)    Color and lens: It’s of full black and silver metallic color. It has 4X zoom lens and the range is 26-112mm and 35mm lens level.
3)    Zoom: The range can be adjusted between zoom in and out options.
4)    External: Controls given in the body of the camera is very minimal and the buttons are lot. Default set and adjust, function button, mode dial, and exposure dial buttons are customized. Shutter button is responsive.
5)    Focus: 2.8inch screen size and 4, 60,000 dot LCD. Viewfinder at the top left corner for fixing focusing point and to isolate focus points with external flash.
6)    ON and OFF: Initially turn ON and OFF would be easy but figuring out is difficult at first stage and later its easy by practice. The Zoom button has to be rotated completely for ON and OFF. The thing to be noted is that if it’s not completely rotated then it will not be switched OFF and battery goes by.
7)    Ports: It has a USB port and HDMI port on the plastic flap side of the camera.
8)    Modes: EXR modes, video mode, M mode and P, S, A modes. Custom and Auto mode is also available. Panorama modes, Pro Focus modes add special effects to camera.

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