FireText Smoke Alarm will automatically text up to four phones in an emergency:

Just think a minute, how will you find there is a chance of fire in your home. Correct, you will use your nose to find the fire. But if you are sleeping means it is really difficult to face that problem. Here is the FireText Smoke Alarm to face those problems. The FireText Smoke Alarm is a Quad bandGSM based smoke alarm which will contain a SIM card. If there is a smoke in your home, the FireText Smoke Alarm will start and it will send text messages up to four recipient numbers and alert your family members as well as your friends. If you are out of home also, you can detect the fire in your home using
FireText Smoke Alarm. It is better than your regular smoke alarm.

FireText Smoke Alarm is a battery powered and NO wiring required device. The measurements of the alarm are 11.5cm diameter and 4.7cm height. It weighs approximately about 201 grams. FireText Smoke Alarm has both advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that it will help us in the time of fire accident in our home. The disadvantage is that it will start at the time of cooking or toasting bread. It means that it is not a foolproof. It will alert you when you are sleeping also. It is active when it detects photoelectric smoke and ideal when it detects smouldering fires.

The operating temperature is 5°C to 45°C and the power supply is 9V battery. The alarm current and sound level is 30mU max and 85db at 3m respectively. The ambient humidity and standby current is 10% to 90% and 15uA max respectively. It is sensitive to smoke when the smoke rate is 3.0 to 6.0 %Obs/m.  FireText Smoke alarm is insect proof and has quick-fix mounting plate supplied for easy installation.

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