Facebook in symbiotic relationship with Skype

Facebook collaborates with Skype, now benefiting both the groups. With Facebook, now you are able to voice chat as well as send and receive SMS messages. Thus a symbiotic relationship exists, which will also help Skype to get lot of profiles. But still, about the integration, official confirmation is not yet done.

The Skype is VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) service which is free and thus with Facebook account you can make free calls with your friends. However these features will only be available with the new Skype 5.0 which is in the beta stage and will be in market within the next two to three weeks. Skype will charge a minimum amount to users who will call from Skype to landline or mobile. Skype already have about 506 million users and the users of Facebook will be an additional asset of 500 million to Skype, however much of them may be redundant. But still, Skype have more users compared to Facebook which will help Facebook to expand their business globally. The new Skype will also have Video chat as one of the feature.

With a common platform for both Skype and Facebook, user can enter through account of Facebook. He/She can send text content, video and voice chat with others. Thus Facebook with Skype will be a competent for Google, which is trying to combine voice call into its email service i.e. Gmail.  Skype video call will help to connect several team leaders online, media people, business people etc. together and even to the Mashable and 92Y Social Good Summit where top people express their views and discuss how networks and technology can work. The Social Good Summit is a public event which is held in UN Week and will discuss about the goals of development. Moreover the Wi Fi feature of new Skype will allow about 200,000 hotspots to cover with Skype Access.

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