Dreamtrap EASYWAKEme – an intelligent alarm clock

Sleep is very important for the happiness of people and everyone know better that a fair amount of sleep is essential to perform the function with excellent efficiency. But if you are not sleeping enough or feelstress after getting up in the morning, then a new gadget known as the EASYWAKEme Alarm Clock from Dreamtrap can certainly help you get enough sleep for new challenges of the next day.

The Dreamtrap EASYWAKEme Alarm Clock helps wake up easily at the optimal time. The gadget also offers possibility to plan the sleeping time, checks the sleep data online as well as a special relax option that can sooth and relax helping to fall asleep faster.

The Dreamtrap EASYWAKEme Alarm Clock is a soft, comfortable and adjustable wristband and has a wearable sensor. It can be attuned with most of the mobile phones. User can set the phone to silent, vibrating, and alarm mode or choose any favorite wake-up tunes.

The Dreamtrap EASYWAKEme Alarm Clock is ideal for those people who desire to wake up easily, work efficiently and stay in good spirits whole day just like students who follow strict schedule, business persons whose day starts very early, workaholics whose schedules are absolutely unfixed or sleepy youths wasting their weekends.

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