CordCruncher tangle-free headphones on Kickstarter

CordCruncher headphone is the ‘world’s only tangle-free headphone’, which is available as a pre-sale order on Kickstarter and shipping is expected to start in May 2012. The headphone is suitable for use in the gym, while boating, playing golf or during any other outdoor activity.

The CordCruncher can be easily crunched after use for hassle-free storage in a gym bag or stylishly worn as a necklace, or doubled up and wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. The headphone will come in a variety of shades including Rocket Red, iGizmo White and Pearl Blue.

The CordCruncher headphones are fitted with an elastic sleeve cord which allows users to determine the length. The cord can be adjusted from a length of 16 inches to up to 3.5 feet, and the elimination of extra cord, eliminates the hassles of untangling the cable. This makes the gadget suitable to be carried on outdoor activities.

According to the designers, CordCruncher tangle-free headphone has been manufactured with the help of a hypo-allergenic material that is 99.9 percent protein-free. This audio gadget can be purchased at the price of $20 (approx Rs 1,025). A unit can be reserved through Kickstarter.

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