Convection microwave oven: Whirlpool

This convection microwave oven is convenient to be used in the kitchen, easy to use and easy to maintain either. In this type of oven are usually scratch proof, rust proof and hassle proof. Choosing the microwave you should see o its feature and ways of using it and if it is efficient then decide to purchase.

Whirlpool Magicook 20G:
1)    Price: Rs. 5,888 is the showroom price
2)    Warranty: 2 years warranty
3)    Capacity: it can hold up to 20 litres and the type of the microwave is with grill. The programme panel is mechanical in the Magicook 20G.
4)    General features: multi stage cooking available with that of the variable 3 power levels and diameter is 3mm and type of microwave is 3D
5)    Other features: It consists of some mechanical controls and it is concealed with the quartz grill which is used to keep it warm.

Family with size 6-7 would prefer this and its 270mm on turntable and the cavity inside would be able to keep the food warm for the time it is been mentioned. Less power consumption and ensure security and safety. It is however 5 times faster heating and cooling grills than normal. Good mechanical controls and easy to use.

Whirlpool AT 245:
1)    Price: Rs. 10,790 and Rs. 11,111 differ with many showrooms.
2)    Warranty: 2 years is its warranty period.
3)    Capacity: 22 litres is its capacity and the type of the wave is convection with grill and the cavity type is Magic Clean.
4)    General features: It is available in black color with Programme panel of the Jog Dial. Diameter is 280mm with multi stage cooking.
5)    Other features: it has crisp (clear and well defined) function and Jet Defrost, concealed with the Quartz grill controls and the 3D distribution will make it the reflector system.

5 times faster heating, 7 times faster defrosting and it got variety of controls to identify the cooking for vegetables, meats and so on.

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