Cisco Umi – See and Talk face to face with your loved ones!

Cisco launched Cisco Umi (pronounced “you” “me”), a consumer telepresence solution which brings high definition video conferencing to your living room which brings you just that coupled with a HDMI capable setup box and an elegantly designed camera to be housed just on top of your pre-existing LCD TV. Therefore seeing and talking to your loved ones staying away from you is no longer a dream.

The Cisco Umi supports both Full HD 1080p and 720p. What all you will need, is a HDTV with HDMI input port, a Broadband connection of 1.5Mbps for the 720p and 3.5Mbps for the 1080p calls. You will then need to subscribe to the Umi Service Plan which costs $24.99 per month for unlimited Umi calls. The Umi can work on both on Ethernet and Wi fi modes.

Cisco Umi comes with a remote which helps to control the camera, zoom and even enable the privacy shutter, if you do not want others to invade into your privacy.

The user interface is amazingly easy to use and you can start talking by pressing a simple button. Umi also integrates with the Google video chat, if you want to have a video call with your Google contacts.

Other interesting features that Umi brings are video messaging and video sharing into You Tube and Facebook, standard features like call blocking, ring tone selections etc.

The Umi is currently available for pre ordering in the United States and costs $599 for the setup box and accessories. The Cisco Umi is expected to be launched worldwide in 2011.

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