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Archive for the ‘Tech Updates’ Category

BB10 party can be easily dampen by BlackBerry India MD

There is a doubt that there can be an image dampener as Managing Director of Black Berry India is resigning out. In this period it can be seen that the right is actually not right to make a move like this. In fact from an executive it is known that things can be worse or […]

Bond with the best: FaceBook vs Twitter

You can simply get to know all the pals, colleagues, relatives and Friends in Facebook which is a very simple method to get the attachment strengthen. This it simply making it perfect and more wonderful than ever as it is in any other social. Those can be considered a very hi-tech modern but the output […]

Privacy Concern for Google Auto Tag

Finally Google achieved the patent right over tagging the objects automatically with their respective features, objects and landmarks. For your understanding, with ‘automatic large scale video object recognition’ it can be done without any data and content. That means with just a photo or Video of Big Ben it can be recognized easily without any […]

A guide to efficient data management

The guide to efficient management of data illustrates the act of knowing why a bit of data exist, who exactly it is valuable to, for how long the data should be kept and when and how it should be discarded of.  This will entail doing information audits periodically and having users of information specify what data they […]

RIA – Rich Internet Apps

Rich Internet Application is a web application that has been designed to provide the same features otherwise available from desktop application software. This is delivered through a browser plug-in to a site specific browser. For this reason there is no further need for a user to install any software.  It can be delivered with independent […]

Android Compatibility For Smartphone Technology

Android is an operating system that is widely used as a platform to develop applications compatible with the new age Smartphone ranges. Therefore when we refer to android compatibility these are applications that can operate or function on the execution environment of the same. It is also available as an open platform for individual developers […]

Explaining Web Hosting Bandwidth for You

If you are curious to know what the relation is between web hosting and bandwidth you should read on and see in what way these two are related. Looking at things from this perspective, you should understand that a bandwidth is the measure of that information that web hosting company sends to web surfer computer. […]

5 Top Broadband Gaming Providers in Australia

Gone are the days of relying solely on disks and gaming consoles for all of your gamer needs. Now, with gaming broadband plans, there are more options than ever for those wishing to take advantage of their high speed internet and incorporate that into their gaming regimes. The following five gaming broadband plan providers are […]

Understanding Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic Internet services have been around for a long time now, but the fact of the matter is that they were too expensive for individual users to even dream about. Recent innovations in material sciences ensure that fiber optic cables could be manufactured cheaper than ever before. Given that the most expensive part of […]

The Future of Data Centers

Get familiar with the Modular Data Center As companies grow it becomes more important for them to ensure their servers are well protected.  Traditionally there have been two options: Put everything in a room and pray that nothing goes wrong in there Put everything in a managed data center ensuring their gear is always on […]