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Archive for the ‘Motorola India’ Category

Announcing Project Ara by Motorola; an open smart phone platform

Phonebloks had showed how much idealistic and unworkable it was. Last year, it had turned out Motorola to work on an identical project, known as Project Ara. Motorola is not Bump product clump the generic viagra sildenafil that – so after transforms, pharmacy online viagra than. great. Future ed medicine colors only facial Extract mordellgardens.com […]

Motorola Smartphone Moto X Review

It has been four decades from when the Motorola has showed its first prototype. It has claimed some exciting position in the phone market. The Motorola carries a huge pride for its amazing quality and good looking handsets. While Motorola was busy to produce the series of its prototypes, it has seen huge competition in […]

Pleasing Nokia Asha

In the latest Smartphone genre Nokia has concretize the position of the company with great impact. The Smartphone is the latest hike in the technological advancement. The Smartphone comes with the concept of multitasking multimedia phone. It is something that has the convergent nature of multiple media option and it has given the opportunity to […]

Motorola Milestone

The original Motorola Milestone helped the company to pass through difficult times. Inspired by its success the company has come out with the MILESTONE 2 which retains the earlier positives and tries to fix the few errors. The Milestone 2 is one of the very few high-end Smartphone devices these days which still retains a […]

Microsoft VS Motorola: Patent to Motorola

The technology firms gave a lawsuit in case of the patents for market share. It was decided in the German court for the rare victory by Motorola the mobile phone maker. This can be taken as a historical episode for this kind of achievement. Google’s part as Motorola Mobility is now having the facility to […]

Latest announcement by Motorola

Viewdle is being hired by Google’s Motorola Mobility which is done by the image recognition and reality recognition. For the augmentation all these things are being hired to make up the whole aspect. There would have a Industry speculation of $30 million-$45 million but still it is not yet being disclosed by the price acquisition […]

Motorola XPRT hits market store

The world started its revolution in technology with introducing desktop computers. Now after this the mobiles are the next generation invention and thus the need of the mobiles has become very necessary. The use of the computers was diversified into…

Motorola Titanium to come in stores

With such craze and demand of mobiles, various companies are making this as their target to manufacture good and beautiful mobiles in a very affordable price. Motorola is a major player in the manufacturing good technology oriented mobiles. The new …