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Archive for the ‘Mobile’ Category

The new curve from LG

LG brings the first curved and flexible smart phone. The 6-inch curved display of LG G Flex has gained ample amount of attention. Designed to survive consequences like accidental drops and tight pockets, the phone has a dimension of 160.50mm x 81.60mm x 8.7 mm that makes it harder to stow and much difficult to […]

Christmas Surprise from HTC

HTC- the Taiwanese Smartphone and tablet maker is launching a brand new wearable computer gadget by the conclusion of this year. Struggling to challenge other Smartphone seller like Apple and Samsung, HTC has been looking over various segments, which includes smart watches and other wearable gadgets. Cher Wang, the Chairwoman of HTC said that since […]

Tracing Phone Calls and Vehicles Now Easy

Wrong numbers? Calls at wrong hours? Repeated abusive calls and unnecessary calls that are making you annoyed? Many of us face these problems where we are left exasperated at the thought of who has been constantly calling us at the wee hours of the morning or late in the night. This constant nuisance has caused […]

Online Gaming Goes Mobile

Every since mobile phones graduated to smart phones, Ipads, and Android, more and more people rely on their mobile devices as integral tools in their lives. Remember the old saying “there’s an app for that?” When smart phones and Ipads were first hitting the market, there seemed to be an app for just about anything, […]

2013! The year of smartphones

In this fast moving life people are very much up for compact and flexible gadgets that can serve multipurpose effectively. The smart phones are the best of choices in this category. The smart phones are to perform multiple tasks at a time with great output. It has gained a huge popularity all overt eh world […]

Intex Aqua i4+ launched priced at Rs. 7,600 having 5 inches IPS display and Android 4.2

Recently Intex had launched a latest smart phone which is under budget, priced at Rs. 7,600. Intex Aqua i4 considered as the successor of Aqua i4 being launched in September 2013. The specifications of this smart phone are as follows: Includes proximity sensor, light sensor and motion sensor 3G, GPS/AGPS, EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth […]

Which Blackberry phones are the most popular?

If you are considering an upgrade or alternatively, you are a consumer who wishes to buy a new mobile phone outright, then knowing which phones are the most popular is a must.   There are a wide range of mobile phones on the market today, some are so advanced they have even been given the […]

Rs 47,000 for Sony Xperia Z

We have speculated some of the items. The official fan page states that this is going to be a great deliberation from Sony Xperia Z. There are certain areas which are no doubt offering some of the perfect news to be implemented as per the news. As per the news of the grey market it […]

50 countries are going for LG Optimus

buy steroids According to the Press Company it is being said that there are almost 50 countries who will be experiencing the Optimus G so as to global roll-out for making it a brilliant idea. It is said that LTE markets is aiming with the Japan, Korea, United States and Canada. It is taken into […]

How do you Secure your Computer Communication Network

Because of hackers hacking into people’s computer systems, there is always a pressing need to secure one’s computer network. Securing a computer network may seem like a difficult thing to do, especially when one is not tech savvy. However, by following guidelines given by internet research or from experts in the field, securing a computer […]