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Archive for the ‘Latest Hi Tech News’ Category

Releasing date and price of Lenovo Vibe Z Phablet

On Wednesday, Lenovo had announced that Vibe Z Phablet will be globally available as well as it’s pricing. It was first launched in November, worth Rs. 34, 300 (approximately $549). It is said to be available from Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The specifications of Vibe Z Phablet are as […]

Nokia Lumia 620 review

Lumia is nothing but was considered to be a costly affair. But now it is said to be having 1GHz dual-core processor, Windows Phone 8 OS, contoured cup styling, with its curved Lumia 620 stands proud and recent iteration. You will be having a sweat-free mobile experience for your running daily errands. On the other […]

Snapchat photo sharing by Facebook

Now there is an app making spree in Facebook, hundreds of apps are there to be shared an enjoyed in different direction. You can complete the Snapchat with the entire photo-sharing app which will be supporting the Facebook. You can take the help of the AllThingsD report if you are looking for the Camera apps […]

Panasonic Toughbook C2

If you are looking for a latest operating system which is having a wide variety then Toughbook C2 is an easy way to grab it. It will be good for the IT departments, field sales, education and healthcare. It is the within the family of Intel core processor Features: USB 3.0 ports: Includes two backward-compatible […]

Gowalla – Location Software Tech That Tells You All

Location software technology is a new highlight of modern day social networking; and this is in vogue especially of the popularity of new age smartphones that have plethora of apps to support and facilitate various types of online features. Getting to know where  your friends  are at present and likewise informing them about your present […]

How to Use your Smartphone to Diagnose Car Problems – And Meet Girls

Phones and cars used to be relatively simple. All you needed to fix a car was a basic set of hand tools, and once upon a time children could make their own phones with two cups and a line of string. Now, however, they are both full of electronics. You need to know about computers […]

Facebook: Good or Bad for Grades?

Even without doing scientific research, it’s pretty obvious that spending hours browsing through Facebook profiles in lieu of studying can have a negative effect on schoolwork. Yet, what if you are only a casual Facebook checker? Can Facebook still have a detrimental effect on your success in school? A recent study done by Dr. Larry […]

Opera Mini has finally arrived in a finished version for Android.

Norwegian Opera Mini is among the most popular browsers on mobile phones and for good reason. The browser is highly effective and much better than the browsers typically found in ordinary telephones.It has for some time been able to get the browser for…