Canon Pixma MG8170 Inkjet Printer

Canon had developed a massive Inkjet printer and had named it as Pixma MG8170 which weighs 10.7kg and it’s slightly bigger than the size of a standard desktop printer. This printer comes in a lustrous black design and it looks quite stylish even though it looks bulky.

Top portion of the MG8170 includes a touch panel and an LCD screen, Touch panel consist of a directional pad with buttons such as home & return , one can easily increase or decrease the number of prints by pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons, the print button comes with a colour and black printout option and three buttons for selecting the menu.

The back panel of Pixma MG8170 contains the printer slot, power slot and a LAN port for sharing the printer over network. Overall, this gorgeous printer boasts a neat design but the lustrus exterior may fluff the look of the device in just a few days after opening the pack.

This Pixma MG8170 from Canon has a moderate waiting time of just five seconds if it’s been unused for over a couple of minutes, which isn’t bad at all. To judge the performance of the printer the company had put it through some tests. For printing, the company put it through 4 test standards in both high and fast modes with all types of documents such as PDF with text and images and text only, text with different font sizes and a complete image printout.

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