Bose series 2 Bluetooth headset soon in India

Bose corporation is been leading company is creating stereo speakers, headsets, home theatre systems and headphones. For 47 years they are leading brand in providing service depending on need and services. With every product they launch they are now providing Bose ‘sound’ which is considered as an essential attachment.

Now with the addition to the family of Bose family of products they have introduced Bose series 2 Bluetooth headset. This is their first ever launch with would break the market of other headset of nosier, Jabra and Plantronics. Bluetooth headset is designed on aviation and now it is on international debut and so it will reach India in few weeks time.

Getting started with and connection establishment:
1)    It doesn’t involve tedious job in pairing the headset with any Nokia handset. Then make a first search, it will connect quickly and for subsequent use, press and hold the CALL/END button for a while and it will be connected.
2)    It uses adaptive audio adjustment technique to automatically to adjust the audio quality and volume in response to the noise condition.
3)    If it has strong and high signal then it could provide connection in little longer distance.
4)    Audio quality is good and it is adjustable to both loud environment and quiet environment.
5)    Press the CALL/END button for 5 seconds will make it back to the handset mode.

1)    It has 2 LED which indicates the battery status and other to tell whether it is connected or not.
2)    There is a call and volume adjustment button; it can be accessed easily even when Bluetooth is in the ear.
3)    It is not sleek but its comfort for the users to access and use.
4)    Separate Bluetooth headset available for both the left and right ear. It size is 1.9cm X 4.6cm X 3.2cm. It weighs for about 12 grams.

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