BMW X1 launched for the Indian market

BMW the world car market leader has launched on Thursday a new sports utility vehicle “X1” starting at 22lakhs which is the ex-showroom price for all India.

BMW emerged number one from the duration (January-November) beating its rival Mercedes. It also said to have increased its production at its plant in chennai from 5400 units annually to 8000 units in order to keep up to the ever increasing demand in the market.

They said that BMW X1 is going to be the biggest volumes driver in the country. Andreas Schaaf (BMW India President) stated “Already we have 1000 orders for the BMW X1 and we are sold out for the first quarter of the next year. We expect the X1 to be the biggest volume model for BMW in India.”

This car will be available in both petrol and deisel versions. Where the petrol variant will be available for 22lakhs ex-showroom price for all India, the diesel version will be priced with two price options one is Rs. 23.9 lakh and Rs. 29.9 lakh ex-showroom all India as per the declarations.

BMW has sold mostly 3 series and 5 series sedan in India and during the Jan-Nov period 3 series sold 2,220 units and 5series sold 2,030 units. The assembling of X1 will take place at BMW’s chennai plant where also the 3 series and 5 series sedans are assembled.

“We will do utmost to maintain the position” Schaaf stated when he was asked if BMW will be able to maintain the number one position in India. According to the latest news BMW have sold 5,343 units whereas its rival mercedes managed 5,109 during the Jan-Nov period.

For the increase in production BMW has recruited additional manpower of 200 more people and plans to add more 400 to cope up with the demands.

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