Anti Phishing Training

What we know and what we acquire is a waste if it is not executed in the right manner. We need to be aware of the threats that phishing causes. In order to tackle phishing related dangers we need to give concise and precise training to as many people as we can. If it is an organization we need to train everybody how to prevent phishing, or going a step further if your employees are able to detect phishing mails or sites or contents than your anti phishing training program has really been a success.

Those of you using Internet at home should also do a research on anti phishing training. This will enable you to use Internet in a more secure and safe manner. We all are aware about the damages phishing can cause to us; some of us have already been victims of phishing. So, how will you avoid phishing in future? Sitting at home you can acquire anti phishing training. A lot of training material is available on the net. All you have to understand is that anti phishing training is a must.

In anti phishing training program the basic content would be as follows: If a message or a mail comes to you asking for personal or financial details, never reply or click on any links on that mail/content. A few smart hackers would probably try to lure you by providing a telephone number (mentioning telephone number gives credibility), don’t trust them either. It could well be part of the scam as they are able update the account information, if give them a call. It is advisable to use or install anti virus and anti spy ware software along with a firewall. This should be updated on a regular basis. Never ever mail your personal and financial details to people not known to you. Keep a tab on your credit card statements; you should know what you have purchased or else it has to be a scam. In case you are an employee and you see sign of phishing you should immediately report it to the concerned authority in order to minimize the damage.

If you are an individual or if you work as an employee the above mentioned anti phishing training methods should give you enough information and ammunition to tackle the phishing menace. All you have to do is follow the anti phishing training programme and you will see that you can be more secure and prepared, chances are you will never fall for it.

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