Ancient Egyptian mummies reveal the evidence for air pollution

In the recent researches made scientist have found the evidence deposit of some particulates in the lungs. The particulates are related much with lung disease, heart disease, lung cancer, lung ailments. They are tiny microscopic particles which cause high disturbance to the lungs. These particulates play as an evidence to prove that the mummies may be exposed to air pollution many hundreds of years ago.

In university of Manchester, a group of members as a team led by the Roger Montgomerie has found that the particulate level in those mummies is not less than the level which prevails in the modern days. They have done their research with almost with 15 mummified lungs. Their level of particulates is little less affected comparatively with now a days with the development in technology.

However, mummies affected by the air pollution may be an unconventional and unusual saying for many and but the pollution started to casino spiele occupy the society since from the industrial revolution. Now it is mainly by vehicles and burning the fossil fuels in large amount. Roger also examined and have concluded that the particulates in not with those who belong to single group but it is wide spread.

In the preservation of the mummies inside the tomb, the well preserved lungs is rare to be found and roger and his team is not allowed to examine all of the mummies lungs however those 15 would be a significant sample for all of the mummies. The reason for his conclusion that the pollution is wide spread is that some of the samples were workers and some were priests, nobles and so on.

Nevertheless, this finding is from 1970 by the person known as Tapp, who belong to same university has examined a 3,800 old mummy and found the mummy is suspected to have lung disease and terribly suffered in breathing. Mummies may also been exposed to pneumonia.

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