It is rare to find a device that is both baffling and compelling. This dual-screened tablet or “Touchbook” is now available and shipping in the US next month. It runs a Core i5 chip, Windows 7, and has two 14-inch screens made of high-strength Gorilla Glass that allow for typing, multi-touch, and gestures.

The 14-inch LED dual screened tablet, used by typing or finger touch is the first of its kind making it a great against other makes, and back in January at the Las Vegas CES event, it scored high award for “Last Gadget Standing”.

Product Features:
?    The Acer® Iconia-6120 Dual-Screen Touch book is a truly unique Notebook experience!
?    Iconia’s unique dual-screen view and touch environment give you complete control of how you interact with your PC.
?    Simply place both palms on the bottom screen and the virtual full-sized keyboard and virtual numeric keypad
?    The ultra-thin, extremely durable, and scratch-resistant face of each 14″ touch screen LED backlit LCD is Gorilla Glass
?    The Numeric Touchpad with handwriting recognition lets you write naturally while converting handwriting to text.

Technical details:
•    Hardware Platform: PC
•    Processor: 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5
•    Number of Processors: 2
•    RAM: 4 GB
•    RAM Type: SODIMM
•    Hard Drive
•    Size: 640 GB
•    Type: Serial ATA
•    Speed: 5400 rpm
•    Graphics and Display
•    Graphics RAM: 128 MB
•    Ports and Connectivity
•    USB Ports: 3
•    Cases and Expandability
•    Size (LWH): 9.69 inches, 13.53 inches, 1.24 inches
•    Weight: 6.18 pounds
•    Power
•    Rated Charge (normal use): 3 hours

Acer has created an entirely new interface to the dual-screen system including an odd “ring” interface that lets you select items on screen by making a claw with your hand and spinning onscreen images. Add in various other elements including an onscreen keyboard that essentially turns this thing into a regular laptop.

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