64GB PlayBook Tablet PC price slashed: Blackberry

18% of 64GB Tablet PlayBook price is slashed and it was around Rs. 19,990. This version of the PlayBook PC Tablet price is strictly reduced by Canadian Firm Research in Motion. The retail price of Tablet PC is Rs. 37,990.  Even in December 2011 the price was at Rs. 24,490.

In front of PTI, Krishnadeep Baruah (Director of RIM) said that in the thought to help to continue the momentum the aggressive price strategy and pricing levels is been strictly maintained. By doing this so, the positive momentum can be obtained in a promotional way.

Price rose from Rs. 13,490 to Rs. 13,990. These prices also available in offer ranges. As far as it’s launched, the tablet PC cost Rs. 27,990. A report that is analyzed and released by Cybermedia Research for Blackberry revealed that 21% of market share is being invested in India.

OS used in this tablet is PlayBook Operating System 2.0and the relevant application developed is extremely competitive however it is combined with all new features and advanced technology.

The high speed internet services, 3G are the fast sales and they could be moved aggressively with the plan of being expanded. And keeping that in the view as one of the point the price has been slashed. Recently, analysts reveal that tablet PC expected to touch the sales in one million units in just a year.

PlayBook was introduced in the smart tablet Indian market at June 2011. The blackberry is well known only for their series of smart phones. However these facts are good known in RIM regardless the tag value is reduced.

Markets are seeing new competitors in launching their equipments because of the initial launch of Apple’s iPad in the market. The competition is been highly started with this. The playbook OS 2.0 with have new advanced features to run in the android based applications and so browsing and messaging will be much faster.

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