Strategic Relationship Between Amazon Web Services And AT&T Expanded

Telecommunications giant AT&T has announced the expansion of its partnership with Amazon Web Services with regards to cloud networking solutions for businesses. Customers of Amazon Web Services who use the connectivity of AT&T now have access to options that are flexible and highly secure to serve their mobility, cybersecurity and cloud needs. In support of the digital age, these solutions offer customers a better way of mobilizing their employees.

“Many of our customers are on their journey to the cloud with AWS. We can offer customers a highly secure, cloud optimized networking environment. No matter where they are in that transition or how they want to get there, AT&T has it covered,” said AT&T Business’ chief product officer, Roman Pacewicz.

Secure connections

With the collaboration between the two organizations some of the products that have been optimized with regards to this partnership include FlexWare. Customers of Amazon Web Services are now able to connect to the cloud more securely using FlexWare which has been made cloud-ready. Consequently it will ensure that businesses enjoy edge computing with more agility.

Another product is Private Mobile Connect which allows customers of Amazon Web Services to get more secure access to AWS using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet computer. Workloads are transferred from a mobile device through NetBond for Cloud or a public network to Amazon Web Services for use by all customers. This makes it possible for end users to securely and easily access the cloud regardless of where they are located be it a remote branch office or headquarters or data center.

AT&T Threat Manager

On the issue of cybersecurity, AT&T has introduced Threat Manager which makes it possible for customers of Amazon Web Services to identify data patterns proactively. Customers are also able to identify threat activity which is capable of affecting their cloud environment and network.

With this technology security events numbering about five billion can be processed in a matter of ten minutes. This is because AT&T is able to analyze traffic that is coming in as well as out of an application, connection or computing device in near real-time. Once abnormalities are identified, AT&T is then able to assist in the prevention and detection besides offering a response to the vulnerabilities.

AT&T’s expansion of its partnership with Amazon Web Services coincides with the telecommunications giant joining hands with Tech Mahindra, a consulting firm, with the aim of coming up with an industry standard with regards to development of artificial intelligence applications. This is through the Acumos project.

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