Xbox Boss on Living Room VR: "We're Believers in Mixed Reality"

Xbox Boss on Living Room VR:

Microsoft opening their press conference with details on Project Scorpio, announcing that its official name is the #Xbox One X.

Not all will have 4K support mind, but we're starting to gather a list of all Xbox One X games that will be supported in 4K at launch of in the very near future.

Microsoft's new Xbox One X is being touted as the most powerful gaming system ever made, and the tech company claims that it is also the smallest Xbox ever created.

Xbox fans will be getting a tasty new console just in time for Christmas.

The Xbox One X works right out of the box with the Xbox One and Xbox One S accessories, controllers and games.

The Xbox One X will deliver native 4K graphics at 60 frames per second. Also keep in mind most people don't own a 4K television.

Then there is the extent to which it isolates new console buyers, especially those not technically minded. Some were hoping that the final choice would be Xbox Scorpio, maintaining the original codename. The Xbox One X doesn't look much different from the original Xbox One, but it's a bit sleeker and apparently quite a bit smaller. The Xbox One X GPU is clocked at 1.172GHz, whereas the Xbox One S equivalent was 914MHz.

The price point has also been questioned. But to stand out among competitors, such as the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, it needs to offer a compelling collection of games.

And stay tuned to PCWorld all week as we cover all the latest E3 news and announcements. That's the top concern the majority of American consumers have.

However, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter says the "pricey" Xbox One X could become a hard sell for Microsoft. There will even be backwards compatibility with some games launched for the original Xbox. While Sony does have the price advantage with the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X is substantially more capable graphically. While a handful of upcoming games are specifically created to take advantage of its power, existing Xbox One and Xbox 360 games should see a boost in performance. They are either playable on the normal Xbox One or both the PC and PS4. Less clear is Microsoft's talk of VR, with no headset shown or mentioned. At the most, you may see some bundles that pack in a bunch of Xbox One games, but most won't be new AAA titles.

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