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This is how Britain's election result impacts Indian foreign affairs

This is how Britain's election result impacts Indian foreign affairs

She had visited Saudi Arabia as part of a tour of other Gulf Arab countries to promote post-Brexit trade deals.

Throughout the campaign, May maintained that only she would be able to get the best deal for the British public during Brexit negotiations.

"Having secured the largest number of votes and the greatest number of seats in the General Election it is clear that only the Conservative and Unionist party has the legitimacy and ability to provide that certainty by commanding a majority in the House of Commons".

"This government will guide the country through the crucial Brexit talks ... and deliver on the will of the British people by taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union", she said after seeking Queen Elizabeth II's approval for the new, hastily cobbled-together arrangement.

Senior Conservative Gavin Williamson is in Belfast for talks with the pro-Brexit party, a spokeswoman for May's office said.

With no clear victor emerging from the British parliamentary election, negotiations on Britain's departure from the European Union (EU) are likely to be delayed, while uncertainty looms over the direction Brexit would take, according to Dutch experts.

While Baldwin's snap election led to his party being booted out of office, it also unified the party rank-and-file around protectionism and gave them a clear platform moving forward. Mostly, the European Union mood was one of frustration that the already tough Brexit talks were likely to become only more hard.

"It is hard to say at this moment which line Britain will follow on the Brexit negotiations", said Stefaan Van den Bogaert, professor of European Law and Director of the Europa Institute at Leiden University.

With results declared for almost all of the 650 seats, Conservatives won 318 while the opposition Labour secured 261, leaving neither party anywhere close to the 326 seats required for an overall majority.

This will leave her with a tiny majority of 328 seats, but will not strengthen her negotiating hand, as she had hoped.

"We need a government that can act", Oettinger told radio station Deutschlandfunk.

The recriminations were immediate and stinging. Members of her own party denounced the campaign she ran as "dreadful". "And our leader needs to take stock as well".

However, Jeremy Corbyn proved to be a much more effective figure on the campaign trail than many people expected, and when we had the terrorist attacks in recent weeks, proved extremely effective at combating the right's normal strength on security issues.

Outwardly, May showed no signs of yielding to that pressure on Friday. At this election, labour increased its support in my constituency by 6000, and Conservative candidate reduced his share by about 10.000.

Corbyn, 68, may not have dislodged May in the polls but the Labour Party's strong showing prompted him to demand her resignation, saying she "lost votes, lost support and lost confidence" of the people.

The fast-moving events both flummoxed and fascinated voters.

"A working government is needed as soon as possible to avoid a further drop in the pound", said ING currency strategist Viraj Patel in London. And I think pretty much everyone thinks it is only a matter of time before she either resigns or is forced out by her own party.

That did not help May, who had overseen cuts in police numbers during six years in her previous job as interior minister.

Before the election, Theresa May had articulated that a clean and decisive break with Europe would be necessary at all costs in order to "take back control" from Brussels.

May wasn't the only big loser. Its casualties included Alex Salmond, one of the party's highest-profile lawmakers.

"She might start off doing that but the Conservatives might well replace her mid-stream", he said.

When Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate deal, May declined to put her name to a letter by other European leaders decrying the decision.

If it weren't for the Scottish National Party's decline in popularity, which produced 13 new Conservative MPs in Scotland, the election would have been a rout for Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May, and we would likely see Corbyn moving into the prime minister's spot today.

"These are discussions that will be long and that will be complex. Now let's get to work".

Just under a year after the European Union referendum and with exit negotiations about to begin, the spectre of uncertainty is likely to loom large.

Labour campaigners have expressed their absolute joy with "hung" results from the June 8 parliament election, describing it as "a tremendous moment of elation". As the polls suggested a tightening race, pollsters spoke less often of a landslide and raised the possibility that May's majority would be eroded.

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