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Student released by North Korea arrives in Ohio

Student released by North Korea arrives in Ohio

North Korea therefore has every incentive to release a prisoner when an arrangement is made, or risk its credibility in future negotiations.

He may, according to Kim, deserve to spend 15 years doing hard labor, but North Korea can claim it is making a gesture of good will, be it ever so small. As for the current trip, here's what Rodman said about his aspirations, in a video released just before he departed: "Hopefully we come back with a positive attitude, and hope that the door can be a little bit open".

Warmbier had been serving a 15-year prison term. An American delegation in Pyongyang petitioned for his immediate release yesterday.

After two doctors visited Warmbier, a USA official demanded his release on humanitarian grounds, the State Department said, and he was evacuated Tuesday.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the United States is discussing their respective cases with the North Korean regime.

Anna Fifield has been reporting the story for The Washington Post.

THOMPSON: Warmbier is on his way back to the USA and reportedly will land tonight.

CINCINNATI (AP) - An American college student who was released from a North Korean prison is finally home but in a coma and undergoing treatment at an OH hospital where he was taken shortly after arriving on US soil. His parents say he has been in a coma and was medically evacuated. He was arrested in January 2016 and accused of trying to steal a propaganda poster from an employee area of his hotel.

In March last year, North Korean authorities sentenced him to 15 years of hard labor. "My objective is to go over there and try to see if I can keep bringing sports to North Korea". Three more Americans are still detained.

Besides Warmbier, who was accused of trying to steal a propaganda banner at a staff-only floor of his hotel, three other US citizens are held by North Korea for similar antistate charges.

Moon, a center-left politician who was sworn in last month after a landslide election win, wants to engage with the North to bring it to the negotiating table, rather than continuing the hardline stance taken by his ousted predecessor Park Geun-Hye.

Pyongyang's attitude changed in May. Thousands of US troops are based in South Korea, and the Demilitarized Zone between the North and South is one of the most heavily fortified borders in the world.

Before Trump became president, Rodman appeared twice on his Celebrity Apprentice show and praised the billionaire real estate developer on Twitter during the 2016 presidential election campaign.

MARGARET WARNER: The release comes at a time of heightened tensions between Washington and the regime of Kim Jong-un.

On Monday, the U.S. Secretary of Defense called the DPRK the most urgent threat to U.S. security. But if he died, in addition to reducing North Korean negotiating power, he could provoke retaliation.

ANNA FIFIELD: I think the North Koreans have probably realized that they did need to get rid of Otto Warmbier at some stage, that he wasn't recovering, and they needed to hand him back.

PotCoin, a cryptocurrency that is sponsoring Rodman's trip, didn't give an explicit reason for its sponsorship of Rodman's North Korea visit, but the cryptocurrency has seen its value go on the rise since it started seeing some publicity thanks to the stunt. According to the North Koreans, he then contracted botulism and fell into a coma. When the Swedes finally got the okay to visit, the North Koreans immediately asked for a meeting with Joe Yun, the USA envoy in NY, when he was told about Otto Warmbier's condition.

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