Sony 'refused' cross platform Minecraft

Sony 'refused' cross platform Minecraft

Minecraft is already available on countless platforms and, in August, the Better Together update will unify the game's code base across a lot of them.

The Better Together update will be available in the summer for mobile and VR platforms.

Minecraft will stand in itself, removing the special branding for Xbox One, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and PlayStation 4.

The "Better Together Update" unifies console, mobile and Windows 10 versions of the game. These will be accessible via in-game menus, rather than complicated setups, and will be able to support hundreds of users simultaneously. Save data from the previous versions of the game will carry over to this new one.

Mojang's Minecraft just got a hell of a lot bigger - and prettier.

Unlike installable texture packs in Minecraft's past, the Super-Duper Graphics Pack appears to completely overhaul every element of the game's rendering system. He defended the decision to not support cross-play with other game consoles, saying that they have a responsibility to their stakeholders (and install base) first, though they aren't opposed to the idea of cross-platform play.

"Minecraft" players will soon have the advantage of accessing the game using most platforms. Players on PC, tablets, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch will all be able to play together, which is an incredible thing, but you may have noticed that someone is missing from the party. Even nowadays, server cross-play is not especially common, but in a cooperative game like Minecraft, it's certainly a welcome addition.

During the Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017 presentation yesterday, Rocket League was announced for the Switch and in equally exciting news, cross-play between PC and consoles was also revealed.

One of the biggest games in the world is doing something no game has done before: connecting all of its players, regardless of platform.

With the coming updates, Microsoft is aiming to transform Minecraft into a scalable platform for socializing with friends, gaming across devices, and creativity. The good news doesn't stop here because if you buy the DLC pack like the Greek mythology pack on one platform, it will be available for free of cost on all other platforms!

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