Return To The Snowy Mountains Of Skyrim In VR

Return To The Snowy Mountains Of Skyrim In VR

However, Bethesda also mentioned that all the games announced at the event have been planned for a 2017 release. The newly announced Xbox One X console focused more on 4K resolution gaming with 60 FPS, something mid-range computers would struggle to deliver especially at the cost of $499.

Wolfenstein II is something we've been looking forward to for a long time now, as we've always felt the original reboot was sorely underappreciated.

Skyrim will be getting the VR treatment to allow gamers to be even more immersed in the game's massive world, and the previously-announced Switch port will be coming later this year.

Fallout 4 VR will be releasing as a HTC Vive exclusive later this year - for now if you want to get closer to the Fallout 4 VR experience, make sure to take a look at our screenshots below. The creator of "Doom", John Carmack, famously went on to leave the studio he founded (id Software) to become CTO of Oculus VR. But Bethesda has made a decision to chuck VR at Fallout 4 anyway.

Of course, you'll be able to play Skyrim both on your TV at home and on-the-go with the Switch's portable tablet mode. Dishonored will see a new standalone expansion. Lurk's mentor Doud also features in the game and plays a role similar to his appearance in previous Dishonored DLC. Given that that DLC was arguably (inarguably?) better than the main game, I've got high hopes.

And the other surprise that was "under construction" on their map was, of course, the new Wolfenstein.

Apparently BJ Blazkovitz survived the end of The New Order, along with a surprising number of the main cast from the first game.

Bethesda hasn't revealed all the details regarding Heroes of Skyrim yet.

Wonderfully, this new version of the game is called Doom VFR - we'll leave you to guess what the F stands for. Sony has taken this platform to show off a lot recently.

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