Microsoft Reveals Its Project Scorpio Is 'Xbox One X' At E3 2017

Microsoft Reveals Its Project Scorpio Is 'Xbox One X' At E3 2017

Gaming enthusiasts all over the world are ecstatic with this new launch from Microsoft and it is a matter of time to see if it can really match the hype or not. As the year went on, we got more and more detail about the console and now we have a name, price, and 100% confirmed release window.

Microsoft is also treating this console as both a mid-generation update to Xbox One and the first console in a new wave of gaming philosophy on their part.

The US$499 (RM2,101) addition to the line-up was built with the muscle for seamless play on ultra-high definition 4K televisions and will be available worldwide on Nov 7, according to Xbox team leader Phil Spencer.

Check out our Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro guide and decide whether is Spencer is right for yourself.

Now that we know so much more about the console, can we predict how well it will do? Instead of playing games, U.S. owners of both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 spend roughly half their console-using time doing things that don't require a super-charged game machine, such as streaming video and watching movies on disc, according to a recent report from Nielsen that's charted here by Statista. Xbox One X has great potential.

If you have a loft full of old Xbox games you might want to dust them off.

Outside of the smaller chassis and more powerful hardware, the Xbox One X is identical to the other Xbox One systems.

The Xbox chief told everyone that discs can be supported by the console.

I look at Pro as more of a competitor to S than I do to Xbox One X. This is a true 4K console.

On paper, the Xbox One X wins in terms of raw power - no arguments there. And that means bringing back games from the first-generation Xbox. One of those looks awesome and the other is the new Assassin's Creed game.

The big software Company who have struggled to grow share in the console gaming market resulting in the Company refusing to release sales numbers, claims that their new console packs in more power, speed and graphical fidelity than its predecessors. Post your comments down below.

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