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GOP official calls suit against Trump 'absurd'

GOP official calls suit against Trump 'absurd'

Racine and Frosh say that they have standing to sue Trump because authorities in DC and Maryland are injured by any pressure - real or perceived - to give special treatment to Trump businesses, and because the benefits to Trump's businesses come at the expense of his competitors in DC and Maryland.

They pledged to pursue no new foreign deals during Trump's presidency but have traveled the globe - from Dubai to the Dominican Republic - to work on projects conceived before their father took office.

The lawsuit says foreign countries could try to curry favor with the Trump administration by staying at his extensive holdings.

In the past Trump has said he would put their reins of his businesses in the hands of his sons and that nobody cares about his taxes.

Ahead of the Monday lawsuit, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a 70-page legal brief on Friday arguing that Trump's businesses are legally permitted to accept market-rate payments from foreign governments while he is in office.

In March 2017, a leak revealed that Trump and his wife Melania paid a total of Dollars 38 million in federal income tax in 2005.

The emoluments clause bars the president from accepting foreign gifts and payments without congressional approval.

Trump himself has called the earlier lawsuit about the emoluments issue "without merit, totally without merit".

The suit, filed in Maryland federal court, seeks an injunction to bar the president from further constitutional violations.

NORTHAM: Laurence Noble with the Campaign Legal Center, a government watchdog group, says today's suit involves government entities taking on a president for violating the Emoluments Clause for the first time. Frosh and Racine cited Trump's leases, properties and other business "entanglements" around the world as the reason for the suit, saying those posed a conflict of interest under a clause of the Constitution.

To fully know the extent of Trump's constitutional violations "we'll need to see his financial records, his taxes that he has refused to release", they said.

The government has also said Trump hotel revenue does not fit the definition of an improper payment under the Constitution.

What do you think of Trump's business connections?

"The most important point is to prevent the president from putting his interests over our interests, over your interests, over the interests of all Americans", Frosh said.

A spokesman for Maryland's attorney general declined to comment on the latest emoluments case.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and Washington Attorney General Karl Racine, both Democrats, said they needed to act because Trump is "flagrantly violating" the Constitution. In Frosh's words, the Emoluments Claus was designed as a "firewall against corruption". We understand the President understands the value of walls. "This is one he can't climb over and he can't dig under". He has also been criticized for owning a hotel just blocks from the White House that is often frequented by both foreign diplomats and foreign businessmen.

"It's not hard to conclude that partisan politics may be one of the motivations", he said.

The two attorney generals are Democratic, and it is expected that some other Democrats in Congress will also file a similar lawsuit. "The lawyers driving the suit are advocacy group with partisan ties".

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