Cameron Diaz reveals why she didn't get married until 42

Cameron Diaz reveals why she didn't get married until 42

In one of her latest interviews, the 44-year old Hollywood star finally shared her reasons amid her decisions to take off from #Hollywood in the meantime.

Cameron Diaz has opened up about why she waited until she was 42 to get married.

Cameron Diaz is gushing about her husband Benji Madden!

Diaz didn't really say anything about being sister-in-law to erstwhile star of "The Simple Life", Nicole Richie (who is married to Benji's twin brother Joel, weird). "And there's a really, really distinct difference between husbands and boyfriends", Diaz said.

"He's just my partner in life, in everything", she went on.

Diaz also explained that her secret to her marriage is how different she and Madden are from each other. We are so different from one another, but we share the same values. She also said she and her husband are "totally two peas in a pod".

Daily Harvest's founder Rachel Drori said while they had multiple investors for this round both Williams and Paltrow, "immediately understood our mission to provide convenient foods without nutritional compromise, and their passion for what we are building will make them instrumental members of our investment team". Up until then, she had been in long-term relationships (cough, Justin Timberlake) but had never said "I do".

"I'm excited about Daily Harvest's future as a female-led business and I look forward to helping more people gain access to nutritious meals", Williams added.

"We women are objectified so much", Diaz continued.

The actress has no regrets about marrying after 40 years old. "I'm not sure how I'll feel about acting going forward".

Happy Birthday to my lovely Wife, You're my best friend and I'm so thankful for you, sometimes I just want to tell the world❤️❤️❤️Generous, Kind, Compassionate, Selfless, Humble, Thoughtful, Patient and Loyal.

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