Toby Keith Is Playing an All-Male Trump Concert in Saudi Arabia

Toby Keith Is Playing an All-Male Trump Concert in Saudi Arabia

Trump's extraordinarily dense first trip - six stops in eight days, and countless face-to-face meetings from Saudi King Salman to Pope Francis via France's new leader, Emmanuel Macron - is fraught with perils for the president.

Washington provides intelligence as well as aerial refuelling and bombs to the coalition, but former president Barack Obama's administration in December blocked a sale of precision-guided weapons to Saudi Arabia because of concerns over civilian casualties in Yemen.

Donald Trump is set to make an 11 day trip to several countries around the globe, his first foreign trip as President of The United States.

The visit will turn over a new page in the confrontation of extremism and terrorism, building a partnership that serves both sides, as well as quashes what is said about enmity between Islam and West, Al Jubeir added. "Saudi Arabia agrees with the USA administration's view in relation to the role of the United States in the world and in relation to uprooting terrorism", he added, referring to the hardline Islamic State group and al Qaeda.

In a statement after this meeting, bin Salman's senior advisor's statement touched on the various topics discussed, which included an expansion of economic cooperation, an agreement that Trump's travel ban was justified and was not a "Muslim ban", and the two leaders' agreement on "the same views on the gravity of the Iranian expansionist moves in the region".

"There has never been a president taking his first worldwide trip being dogged by scandal like this", said Larry Sabato, head of the University of Virginia Center for Politics.

With turmoil enveloping his administration at home, President Donald Trump heads overseas on Friday for a trip the White House hopes will shift focus away from domestic controversies and on to his foreign policy agenda.

The 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers including the United States was a major step toward ending Tehran's worldwide isolation but raised serious concerns in Arab capitals.Iran, the Middle East's second largest power by economy and population, is the Shiite Muslim rival of regional Sunni giant Saudi Arabia.

The advertisements for Keith's purported concert Saturday night in Riyadh bill it as a night of "Arabian lute and American guitar", with the American musician sharing the stage with Rabeh Sager, a popular Saudi singer.

In the wake of the previous US administration's participation in the historic nuclear deal with Iran, Saudi Arabia is now seen to be attempting to restart positive relations with Washington. Jubeir said Saudi Arabia was not concerned about sharing intelligence with the United States, despite a storm over reports that Trump had discussed intelligence with Russian Federation during a White House meeting last week.

Regarding the summit between the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and President Trump, Al Jubeir said it would help enhance the strategic partnership between the two countries, noting that the Riyadh and Washington share the same view on the U.S. global role, especially in the fight to eradicate terrorism, and combating Iran's policies.

During the presidential campaign, Trump proposed to ban all Muslims from entering the United States and claimed he saw Muslims "clapping and cheering" as the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2001, in a claim that has been disputed.

Last year, Mr Trump slammed the country as a "money machine" that did not "reimburse" the United States for its support, then used a presidential debate to attack Hillary Clinton's acceptance of funding from Saudis, who he described as "people that push gays off buildings [and] kill women". Furthermore, the Saudis were disappointed that the USA did not take action against President of Syria Bashar al-Assad and viewed Obama as taking the side of the Islamic Republic.

The initiative relies on solid bases with Saudi Arabia's unified effort and strategic coordination with Washington and the Islamic world to combat terrorism.

In 2014, Saudi warplanes joined the US-led coalition fighting Sunni militants from the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq. Fifteen of the 19 attackers were from Saudi Arabia.

"I'll speak with Muslim leaders and challenge them to fight hatred and extremism, and embrace a peaceful future for their faith", Trump promised ahead of the trip.

The three summits will be accompanied by preparations and substantive initiatives to strengthen the commitment of Saudi Arabia, Washington, and Arab countries to consolidate the future of security and peace in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

By contrast, it could also serve as a much-needed change of subject for a president besieged at home with an agenda frozen by scandal.

The kingdom's control of the holy sites has been criticized by Muslims around the world.

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