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France says to provide proof on Syria govt chemical weapons use

France says to provide proof on Syria govt chemical weapons use

In an address to British MPs on Tuesday, Johnson said the UK government has not taken any decision yet but would find it "very difficult" to reject a request from the United States regarding attacks on Syria.

On President Trump's orders earlier this month, us warships launched between 50-60 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syria Government airbase where the warplanes that carried out the chemical attacks were based.

Former foreign minister Alistair Burt asked Johnson whether the government felt bound by a previous vote in 2013.

However, Parliament had later approved a limited British air campaign against ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

"We hope that members of the OPCW Executive Council, as well as of the Technical Secretariat, will show high responsibility at this sensitive time", he said. Meanwhile, the alternative press is reporting that Assad actually attacked an al-Qaida storage facility in an attempt to destroy their ammunition, not knowing that non-sarin chemicals were stored there. "We know that they were overhead at 6.39 a.m, when, according to all eyewitness accounts, the attack took place".

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons' Director General Ahmet Uzumcu said on Wednesday results of the analysis "indicate that sarin or a sarin like substance was used".

The Foreign Secretary said there was "only one conclusion, that the Assad regime nearly certainly gassed its own people in breach of global law and the rules of war", showing disregard for an agreement to destroy its stockpiles in 2013.

The Syrian government has been locked in a six-year civil war against an array of opposition forces.

Syrian president Bashar Assad has been likened by Boris Johnson to a "monster" which needs "decapitating".

"America's determined response creates an opportunity to break the deadlock and pave the way for a political settlement of Syria's tragedy", Johnson said, adding that Moscow should pursue the Syrian authorities to launch this process.

The isolated nation has boasted of its attempts to create a missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the mainland U.S., vowing to "annihilate" targets if American forces move towards a pre-emptive strike.

Mr Johnson also suggested that Britain could support the United States in the event of further missile strikes on Syria.

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    The Syrian government has been locked in a six-year civil war against an array of opposition forces. Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is denying allegations that chemical weapons were used.

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