Chevy FNR-X Finds Its Own New Roads To Shanghai

Chevy FNR-X Finds Its Own New Roads To Shanghai

On the move the concept also introduces active aero largely alien to the small crossover class. Features like active grill shutters are nothing new, but the U.S. vehicle maker's concept also comes with adjustable wheel blades, front and rear spoilers and side skirts that move according to driving style to maximise downforce or minimise drag.

Though decidedly a concept, it is far closer to being a production ready vehicle than GM's last Shanghai concept, the futuristic Chevrolet-FNR (Find New Roads) concept vehicle, which was shown in 2015.

Chevrolet quoted the vehicle to be the "all-purpose sports concept vehicle" and this is despite of the fact that the FNR-X is made to run on a pure electric powertrain.

The FNR-X can also swap between V (Versatility) and S (Sport) modes.

Remarking on the FNR-X, Alan Batey, GM executive vice president and president of GM North America and Global Chevrolet, said: "The Chevrolet-FNR is one of Chevrolet's most forward-thinking concept cars, truly exemplifying the brand's passion for innovation and ingenuity".

On the sides are rear-hinged rear doors that can be controlled remotely and high-tech cameras instead of traditional mirrors.

According to GM, the model's intelligent adaptive control systems, active grille shutters and switchable wheel blades adjust automatically during high-speed driving, reducing wind drag. As how you can see in the photo above, the vehicle looks really handsome as it tones down on the design of the old FNR concept from two years ago. Seats ride on multipurpose rails and have fixed components to individualise storage space. Interacting with the FNR-X is done mostly via voice commands. Chevrolet calls it an "all-terrain Advanced Driver Assist System", which chooses the best route based on predictions related to the road conditions. An augmented reality heads-up display shows the driver views from the rear of the auto, which is illuminated by organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). Its panoramic intelligent augmented reality head-up display offers a clear 270-degree posterior-lateral view to maximize safety and driving pleasure.

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