Tony Romo Sends a Message To Jerry: Could A Release Be Pending?

Tony Romo Sends a Message To Jerry: Could A Release Be Pending?

That's probably not what Houston needs, though, unless they turn to Savage and don't draft a quarterback, so it's tough to see him returning to the Texans. So he has instead squatted on Romo, waiting for a trade offer that may never materialize, and perhaps hoping an offer never comes from Houston.

The Seahawks would be willing to trade the 30-year-old power back for the right price, Garafolo confirmed, but they had no intention of releasing him without compensation when the subject was broached last year. If they don't get Romo, they could find it necessary to make sure they get their guy, regardless of what they have to do to trade up.

Romo has stated that he would re-structure his contract in the event that a team wanted to make a deal.

The two teams that still seem interested in Romo are the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans. He may get a trade.

Whether or not this is the case with Tony Romo and Jerry Jones is purely speculation at this point, but it would be a media spectacle if Jones told Romo to stay away from the Texans.

When the National Football League instituted predetermined contract rates for draft picks (popularly, if unfairly, remembered as a reaction to Sam Bradford, the last No. 1 pick under the old system, who earned $50 million before playing a snap), it was a change that was both team-friendly, and beneficial to veteran players, who would no longer see such a large percentage of payroll going to guys on rookie contracts. The problem with that line of thinking is that it does nothing to mask the fact that they will still have issues under center as long as they don't sign the Cowboys former signal caller. Is there is a risk with Romo? Yes. His risk of injury only increases as soon as he leaves for whatever starting role he could land outside of Dallas. He made over $20 million previous year but only briefly got onto the field in the last game of the season.

In fact, keeping Romo on the roster would be more advantageous for him than it is for the Cowboys.

For Peterson, as younger running backs are cheaper and run deep in the upcoming draft, that is understandable. In his last full season in 2014, Romo threw for 3,705 yards with 34 touchdowns and just nine interceptions. If the Texans want to waste another season with mediocre players under center, that is their right.

Jones is essentially holding Romo hostage, not allowing him to move on, and holding up the plans for both the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans.

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