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What the iPhone Killed: Infographic

Since the dawn of the iPhone back in 2007, we’ve seen the technology included in it evolve and grow rapidly, incorporating almost every function you could need and want in a single device. Whether you want to make a phone call, send a quick message, browse the internet, play music, connect with friends via video call, snap a picture, play games, read a book or even track your fitness via GPS, you’ll find you’re able to do any and all of these from the all-encompassing iPhone.

With the recent launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 6, www.myvouchercodes.co.uk looked into what other devices and forms of technology have been wiped off the map by the iPhone with an informative infographic, even their own other Apple products.

Technology the iPhone killed

Delving back into decades gone by, the PDA, or Personal Digital Assistant, was popular in the 90s as a touchscreen handheld device. With the introduction of the first iPhone, these became obsolete in today’s world and slowly phased out. The first iPhone also began a trend of removing the physical keypad from mobile phones.

With digital and video cameras becoming more expensive, they became increasingly unnecessary due to the iPhone having both a high quality camera, a front facing camera, ideal for FaceTime and Selfies, and good photo editing apps.

Apple did however shoot themselves in the foot with the iPhone, as the iPod and other separate MP3 playing devices became obsolete and outdated with the functionality of being able to play music via iTunes and other music players on the iPhone.

The infographic also reveals how the hardware installed on the iPhone is powerful enough to match some of the more basic home computers and laptops, and by using apps that match the software at home, many people turned to the iPhone instead. On top of this, it’s far more portable and doesn’t need extra storage as it’s available on the iCloud.

The list goes on: Sat Navs are replaced by the iPhone’s Navigation or Google Maps; the handheld game console, such as those owned by Nintendo, have largely disappeared now you can play a huge range of games at more affordable prices on the iPhone; physical books were threatened by eReaders, and now these are threatened themselves by the iPhone; it can replace the remote control for your TV, set top boxes and other electrical appliances in your home; and even our money system is under threat by the contactless payment soon to be available through Visa and MasterCard on the iPhone.

Mark Pearson at My Voucher Codes stated:

“We won’t know whether this technology would have become obsolete if it wasn’t for Apple, nor can we state without Apple we wouldn’t have the technology we have now. But one thing is for sure, they have been pioneers in developing and bringing new technologies to the forefront, and some may argue better at marketing it than their competitors.

“Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, there is no denying that the company has had an effect on this generation, how we use technology and even what we now use. Each year they bring out a new phone, always with something, new and innovative on offer.”

The Apple Gossip

The Apple Gossip

There are rumors around that Apple is focusing towards taking care of a huge iPad like device. Lots of analysts claim that the rumors could mean that Apple is working towards having a hybrid device or something similar to that of iPad and laptop.

The researchers are trying to focus towards Apple taking care of a massive iPad like device and everyone is anticipating the new iPad Pro, in terms of looks and technology. Based on a Cnet source, there’s an ‘internal debate’ within the business of the origin as to whether the new product is on the mark at the iPad or Notebook line.

The market research company IHS said that they are not sure on what true the rumors are of the so-called iPad Pro. The director of tablet of the business and the monitor research Rhoda Alexander said that there are some producers throughout the last months which have gained basic quantities of a more substantial panel. There are numerous sizes which can be in news but 12.85 inches is certainly one of them.

The report from Cnet also said that with the rumors concerning the big tablets and detachables, Apple might be also taking care of a 12-inch MacBook.

Disheartening ‘Flappy Bird’s fans’

Disheartening _Flappy Bird_s fans_

The famous game, Flappy Bird, for the cell phones on the Apple Inc App Store and Google Inc’s Android Play Store has become taken away on Sunday midnight. The game is no further available for downloading on Google or Apple but its fans can quickly play this game if they have already downloaded it on the devices. The Hanoi-based developer, Nguyen ha Dong declared the grounding of this game in a Tweet on Saturday and also apologized to the Flappy Bird fans. He explained that there have been no legal issues but he still had to take down the game.

His Tweet went viral and there have been 136,000 re-tweets till Monday. The game Flappy Bird caused hype and continued to becoming the absolute most downloaded mobile game on both Google and Apple’s online stores. The game was that the users had to steer away a bird in between the green colored pipes. The Android version of this game has 50 million downloads and attracted over fifty percent a million reviews. The game that was produced by the developer within few nights and was inspired by Nintendo’s Mario Bros earned typically $50,000 from mere ads.

Good news for all gaming freaks

Good news for all gaming freaks

The beginning of the month witnessed the launch of AMD’s first Mantle enabled software and the very first Mantle enabled drivers. Now, AMD launches its new graphics card, the Radeon R7 250X. The rebranded version of Raedeon HD 7770 GHz, the Radeon R7 is targeted at budget gamers. The 250X can be obtained for just $99. It’s expected that the launch of the 250X at this type of price point aims to fill the performance and the cost gap involving the high-end & expensive R7 260 series and the reduced end Oland based R7 250.

Alike the 7770 GHz Edition, the Radeon R7 250X features 40 texture units, 640 steam processors, a core clock speed of 1000 MHz and 2GB of VRAM memory. It runs on the Cape Verde GPU.
Unlike the present 250 card, the Radeon 250X is expected to supply another better experience with a increase in the performance by 20 to 30 percent.
The 250X is expected to face a difficult competition with the equally budget GeForce GTX 650 graphics card from AMD rival Nvidia. The 250X is presently obtainable in US. The release date details and pricing for UK will soon be revealed.

The all new Apple iPad Pro

The all new Apple iPad Pro

The giant screen iPad Pro is creating buzz for quite some time now and Apple surprised the tech community having its 64-bit A7 processors. The enthusiasts genuinely believe that the rumored gadget must certainly be good to possess provoked so much hype. The bigger iPad’s also to be included is Samsung’s 12.2-inch tablets effectively beat Apple in a contemporary offering. Apple’s last financial check to the investors held 94% of Apple’s tablet market in total. Though there is a market for greater iPad still it is recognized as capable to getting replaced in work environments. Apple should venture ways to provide more iPad’s to the college and college going students.

If Apple is considering a long term change then the processor and the degree of os must certainly be retained over release cycles, profit and newer innovations that supports and builds such as a pro. But every tech enthusiasts genuinely believe that iPad pro will probably be a huge hit in the market. The keyboard case in Apple is identical to Microsoft’s keyboard covers which have a 12.9-inch iPad Pro version. The keyboard is wide enough to become full size keyboard instead of the condensed ones that are available from the choice party producers.

Fleet Management GPS Solutions- Your Solution to a Better Business


Fleet management GPS solutions are now being considered by more and more business firms, as they make use of installed devices in each automobile to pass on the information back to the home base by means of a network of satellites. This process includes driver logs, distance logs history of the vehicles, real time location tracking and other information as well.

These Fleet management GPS solutions are known to be one of the finest tools for many business companies to make sure that they are functioning for the best-care scenario effectiveness and cutting down on superfluous expenses. These solutions also offer a number accounting benefits that may help simplify the book keeping jobs of the business. The business will not require organizing the handwritten driver logs and other overtime cards, which are the means to provide a report with all the information required for the stamp lists of the activity of vehicles for any particular location.

This helps in preventing any loss of data and imprecision without having to spend extra time communicating with the drivers. During an invoice dispute, an immediate report can be given to the clients without any delay. Fleet management GPS solutions also provide good customer support that helps in the tracking of vehicles for a precise arrival time that is to be given to the customers. This directly reduces the need to make calls for delivery timing and proof of delivery. An interface is also used, which makes it convenient for the customers to use without the need to make calls at the office.

a This improves the rate of customer service to a great extent, which frees the line of administration and allows the staff to put all their focus on improvising the business. Finally, the Fleet management GPS solutions help in an efficient route planning, which helps in obtaining vehicle and route history for quite a number of years. Also, this allows proper analysis of data which is helpful in enhancing the logistics and route plans. Since, this helps in good route planning, the drivers get to face less pressure to reach their destination in time. These services grant a whole lot of good services and are helpful in enhancing the effectiveness and rationalizing costs that help and make the business grow for better.

The all new Xolo Q1010

Xolo has already stepped its foot in the world of Smartphone long back and its becoming strong day by day. Xolo is all set to launch their mid range smartphone. The model name is Q1010. The initial price of the mobile which has been decided is 12,998. The phone is going to be available real soon on the e-commerce websites. The news was available in the internet from the last week though the price and availability was not there. After placing the order for Xolo Q1010 will be shipped within 13 to 14 business days.
The Xolo Q1010 features a dual SIM capability. The slots are offered for GSM. The mobile runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It is powered by a 1.3 GHz quad core media Tek MT 6582 processor. The device is supported by Mali 400 for graphics and 1GB of RAM. The best part in the phone is nothing but 5 inch Display with HD quality. It comes with OGS that means One Glass Solution. The Xolo Q1010 comes with 4 GB inbuilt memory that can be expanded to 32 GB via MicroSD memory card. The phone features 8 mega pixel rear camera with quality LED flash and BSI sensor.

Leading the World of Watches are Titan- a Brand Identity for Watches in India

Titan watches came to existence in 1987 and was started as a joint venture, under the collaboration of Tamil Industries Development Co-operation and Tata Group. During that period the manufacturing firm of these watches provided amazing engineered watches, which developed with the growing period of time. Today, Titian has not only become a brand of watches but at the same time, it is reckoned to be the name that embraces quality and aesthetics of any watch.

The watches that are brought to you by Titan are designed to perfection. They are the best thing that can be used to celebrate any occasion with prosperity and vibrancy. And then, there are formal daily wear watches, which are designed by the experts who throw light upon the elegancy of these watches. The Titan watches are easy to maintain are even water proof too, which means you can wear them anywhere or anytime you want.

The watches that are offered by Titan are divided into two broad categories, watches for men and watches for women. Some of the bold and brave collections of watches for women include Titan Raga, Titan Tagged, Titan Purple and Titan Karishma. Every collection holds a distinct personality, such as Titan Raga is completely different from Titan Tagged, the reason behind this is that, Titan Raga has a golden color sheath, but Titan Tagged has a shimmery metal sheath that gets tied around your wrist.

Along with that, Titan even brings its supreme collection of watches for men. The common collections of men’s watches are Titan Octane, Titan Edge, and Titan Raga. The octane is considered to be amongst the classic series of men watches that is ever designed by Titan. Its growing popularity and versatility makes it one in a million.

So checkout more about, how spectacular Titan watches can be only at www.titanwatches.in, and pick any watch that you adore. Here, you will be able to find some of the exquisite Titan watches at affordable rates. Then, what are you waiting for, wait no more and start shopping from the amazing collection of Titan watches.

The new curve from LG

LG brings the first curved and flexible smart phone. The 6-inch curved display of LG G Flex has gained ample amount of attention.
Designed to survive consequences like accidental drops and tight pockets, the phone has a dimension of 160.50mm x 81.60mm x 8.7 mm that makes it harder to stow and much difficult to handle. The curved shape of the LG G Flex is purposive, to snuggle in the palm of your hand. The curved shape would help in bringing the phone closer to the mouth and ear, making the voice quality much clearer.
Based on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, the G Flex is powered by a 2.26GHz quad core Snapdragon 800 processor, along with an Adreno 330GPU and a 2GB RAM. Powered by a 3,500mAh battery, the phone weighs 177 grams.
Equipped with 13 megapixels rear camera and 2.1 megapixel front facing camera, the LG G Flex is already available in Indian stores and costs around Rs. 69,999.
Above all, the massive price of the LG G Flex has marked it to be one of the most expensive smartphones available in the Indian stores, leaving behind the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, HTC One Max and the Apple iPhone 5s.

LG G Flex Features

Similar to any other model in the LG G series, the LG G Flex runs on android OS platform, Jelly bean version 4.2.2. This device is powered by a 2.26GHz quad core Snapdragon 800 processor, along with an Adreno 330GPU to handle the computing tasks. The 2 GB RAM aids in the multitasking ability and computing performance of this smartphone.


This smartphone comes with a 6-inch P-OLED display screen that has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. This handset weighs 177 grams and is 160.5 X 81.6 8.7 mm thick. The LG G Flex also incorporates a 3500 mAh battery in it to provide backup power.


The LG G Flex has a 13 MP rear camera for clicking images and capturing videos in exceptional resolution. Supporting features like face detection sensor, LED flash, auto focus, digital zoom etc. This helps in improving the camera output quality. The LG G Flex also has a 2.1 MP front camera in it.

Memory & Media

The LG G Flex has 32 GB internal memory space for storing various files and applications. But there is no external memory slot available in there. This smartphone comes preloaded with all the media features that we commonly see in high end models. Users can download their favorite apps from the online app stores and customize this device according to their preference.


This device lets users connect to the internet through multiple platform including LTE (market specific), 3G, WiFi and 2G etc. Other connectivity options like Bluetooth, NFC and micro USB etc. are also available in the LG G Flex.

The LG Flex was officially launched in eight different variants. It is available at a price of Rs. 68500/- in all the leading stores in India.



Apple iPhone 6 now comes with barometer

Apple iPhone 6 now comes with barometer

The Apple Inc. is all set to prepare some perfect storm wearable, along with smartphone sensors and health apps. In the latest

In the latest rumors, it is heard that the Apple Inc. is busy preparing the all new iPhone 6, which is expected to have an air pressure sensor or a barometer. The introduction of such a feature in a smartphone would be proved quite helpful for mountain climbers, hikers and a whole bunch of other people who are involved in such kind of intensive activities.

The iPhone 6 developers said that there are some possibilities of an iPhone 6 barometer in iOS 8 and the latest version of the Xcode 6. These two have new APIs that refers to altitude measuring capabilities which is hardware based.

It has reported further that the iOS 8 has an ambient pressure tracking capabilities. All these references lead more credence to the assumptions.

Air pressure measuring instrument or devices, also known barometers and other weather related data were already found in numerous android devices. However, the Apple iPhone 6 will be the first android smartphone to have a barometer.

Developers have suggested that these features can easily be rolled in the iOS compass application to make it more useful for the users.