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Major obstacle to convert youthful cells now identified

Major obstacle to convert youthful cells now identified

Researchers from the University of Yale have now identified a huge obstacle to convert cells back to their original youthful form. Like the speed needed by the cell cycle or the time needed by a cell to divide.

The cell fate is a one-way street that is a fundamental axiom of biology as the cell starts merging with the blood, skin or muscles it remains the same. When a Japanese scientist introduced four easy factors into skin cells and then to an embryonic state be4comes almost like any type of cell in the body.

The scientists revolutionized the discovery by the Nobel Laureate Shinya Yamanaka in the year 2012 after using a patient’s own cells. The process was slow and not efficient and hard to discover a genetic explanation of how the cell should be.

The study by Shangqin Guo explained the implications of the bottleneck in re-programming that makes it hard to produce pluripotent cells individually for each stem cell for therapy and research. Guo noted that the human diseases are merged with abnormalities in establishing correct identification of cell as well as the abnormalities in cell cycle behavior of the human body.

New Eye Scanning Technology in the Samsung Galaxy S5

New Eye Scanning Technology in the Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy might outdo Apple’s iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor with its iris eye scanning technology. The executive vice president, Lee Young Hee of the Samsung’s mobile sector told Bloomberg at CES in Las Vegas that the company is having a possibility but they cannot really say whether they would have it on the S5 or not. People are fanatical about the iris the scanning software.

The certainty about Galaxy S5 is that it would be paired with an updated version of the Galaxy Gear smart watch along with more advanced designs and functions.

The smartphone would be launched in February 2014 when Samsung usually does all the announcements and it announces its branded phones days before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The phone would be available to the customers from March or April.

Samsung is all ready to push forward its marketing attempts as its profits in early January failed estimates. Samsung would attempt to dominate the world of high-end smartphones as well as create cheaper handsets to attract customers from all fields.

The sale of Samsung Galaxy S4 slowed the launch of the high-end iPhone 5s and set the cost of 5c from Apple last year.

The creator of Candy Crush Saga trademarks the word ‘Candy’

The creator of Candy Crush Saga trademarks the word 'Candy'

The developers of Mobile, King have at last trademarked the word ‘candy’ to protect the success of their hugely famous game Candy Crush Saga. The intellectual property is now being owned by the company without any restrictions with respect to the color, size, font and style. They can only enforce their trademark as it was used in r5elation to the video games and clothing.

A company official said from King said that their trademark was being infringed continuously and they would not enforce using the word ‘Candy’ against all course. They would also not ask the apps developer who use the term legally from stopping to do so.

The Candy Crush Saga was applauded by Apple as the most downloaded free app of the year 2013. The game has more than half a billion installations and estimated revenue of under $ 1 million dollars per day. The most interesting thing of the app its free to play feature that collects most of the accolades.

This level of popularity has given King to enforce their trademark. As per a report by Jim Squires of GameZebo, the developers have already sent a legal notice via Apple.

G Flex will be launched in India at rs. 69,999

G Flex will be launched in India at rs. 69,999One of the leading telecommunication brands in the present market, LG has finally announced the launch of its dark horse design named G Flex. It is the much awaited and latest design by LG. It is the only available smartphone in India with curved display. The South Korean company official has confirmed that the G Flex curved display smartphone will be available in Indian market from coming Thursday. The initial price of the phone would be almost 70 thousand. The accurate number that has been spelled out by the official is Rs. 69,999. The money amount clearly states that the phone is not meant for all but a specific group of people those who interested highly to have a smart phone with unique looks while losing a good amount from balance.

The whopping price of the LG G Flex curved display has made it one of the costliest smartphones available in Indian market along with other leading brands like Apple, Samsung, and HTC. The LG G Flex carries an operating system named Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which is powered by quad core 2.26 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with Adreno 330 GPU and 2 GB RAM. The phone features 13 megapixel rear cameras while the front camera is 2.1 megapixels. It has a 6 inch display.

Hand-drawn map of the world of Internet 1.0

Hand-drawn map of the world of Internet 1.0

The challenge of drawing the major sites of the web was mapped by Slovakian designer Martin Vargic. The challenge that fascinates many virtual cartographers was accepted by amateur graphic designer Martin Vargic making the challenge appear real and unique.

The project was started in December 2013 by using old National geographic maps for the visual inspiration and Alexa data of the popular websites in the world to scale the various landmasses. The fascinating fact is that that map was drawn by hand and directly into Photoshop.

The map is divided into two different parts: The eastern continent displays the Old World that shows the gaming companies, software companies and some of the real life websites. Whereas, the western part, New World, is made up of two major continents – the northern one shows the art websites, forums, blogs, video websites search websites and social networks.

All the main adult oriented sites are situated in the south-western continent in addition to torrent sites and several warez websites. The designer said that he was highly inspired by the previous map of the internet drawn by the artist Randal Munroe. He was the programmer behind the popular xkcd web-comic.

Benchmark listing of LG G2 mini spotted

Benchmark listing of LG G2 mini spotted

According to rumors, LG is working on mini-variant of the smart phone’s flagship G2, said to be dubbed to LG G2 mini. This rumored smart phone has been spotted allegedly at benchmark listing. The alleged LG G2 mini, comprising of GFX bench listing had been surfaced online through Webtrek. It further claims that LG G2’s mini variant will be launched at CES 2014. As per the benchmark listing that has been leaked, LG G2 mini will be having the model number LG D-410. The specifications of LG G2 are:

  • Powered by 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor
  • Adreno 305 GPU
  • Runs on Snapdragon 800 chipset
  • 4.7 inches display along with resolution 540×960 (qHD) pixels
  • Latest OS version of Android, i.e., KitKat
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Has volume rocker and power buttons, just like G2

The KitKat version will be released for LG G2 by Q1 in 2014. It was also heard that LG G2 mini is not considered as the actual official name and would be changed while launching. There is no fixed word regarding the design of this alleged smart phone. According to the reports, LG may launch this alleged LG G2 mini at 2014.

Nokia is about to launch their first smartphone

Nokia is about to launch their first smartphone

The much awaited but yet to be announced Nokia X, aka the Nokia Normandy budget Android smartphone. It is yet again in the news.  The report by GoAndroid quotes an unnamed senior executive officer from Nokia India who reportedly also confirmed that the much rumored dual-SIM Windows Phone device, aka Money penny, will be launched in the united states at exactly the same time.
The numerous rumors surrounding the speculated first Android phone from Nokia are slightly difficult to trust. The alleged Nokia X aka Nokia Normandy was once reported to be introduced at the upcoming MWC 2014 event held in Barcelona, beginning 24 February. The March launch timeline is therefore consistent with this report.

A week ago, the rumored Nokia X has been leaked in live images, revealing design of the alleged device. A French publication, No Where Else, has posted three images of the alleged Nokia X, showing the front panel, the rear panel, and the medial side panel. The alleged Nokia X was also recently listed at a Vietnamese online retailer that revealed most of the specifications, including a 4-inch TFT display with a decision of 480×854 pixels, a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor, 5-megapixel rear camera, microSD card support and Android 4.4 KitKat.


Razer Naga: A new era of gaming

Razer Naga

It was in the year 1998, when Razer launched the world’s first gaming mouse- ‘Razer Boomslang’.
With the precisely designed peripherals, the mouse was meant for the gamers to play their favorite games faster, better and more accurately.
The genre of massively multiplayer online also known as MMO has greatly become popular these days among the gamers. With this new genre taking off, Razer adopted an easier way for the gamers to access all the skills without taking away your fingers from the movement keys.
The Razer Naga the best MMO gaming mouser has 17 buttons, which feels like a punch line.
This gaming mouse from Razer does its job in very friendly manner. The sensitivity of the3 device can be all the way up to 8200 DPI.
Razer claims that this gaming mouse has been designed to suit different types of hand shapes, playing styles, and grip types etc for the convenience of the gamers.
The mouse settings can be configured on Razer Synapse 2.0. It is outfitted with a 32 bit ARM processor. This means that an on board little computer

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is computing everything at a super fast speed. With an excellent ergonomic design this little gaming weapon is priced $ 80.

Shift Hypnosis Review: Be Always in Control

Hypnosis is proven to help people overcome bad habits, phobias and fears. It is a great addition to psychiatry and psychology and is considered a therapy that benefits many to overcome their smoking habits. Hypnosis gives back their normal lives and with a little suggestion from the hypnotherapist they can easily lead a perfect life.

Why can’t people quit smoking?

Mostly smokers want to quit smoking for several reasons: social stigma, poor health and they feel like a slave to the habit. Their conscious mind wants to ban the smoking habit as they read in the reports about the harmful effects of smoking on their health. They also have trouble in meeting the expense of smoking so they want to quit.

In spite of all known effects of smoking, people cannot quit it because their mind thinks smoking relaxes them. It gives them a much needed break and also lets them loosen up the boredom.

If you are thinking of becoming a non-smoker from a smoker then you have dropped in to the right article. Shift Hypnosis Review states an easy way to free you from the smoking habit with the Kerry Gaynor Method; it is the best way to help people quit smoking. For more information, please log in to: ==> http://resultsdriven.go2cloud.org/SH2D

How does Hypnotherapy works?

Hypnosis gives a state of increased relaxation during which the client concentrates on the given task and their subconscious mind accepts the suggestions to achieve the targeted goal. It also alters behavior patterns and guides a person through the hypnosis position. Shift Hypnosis Review states that it is a position between sleeping and awakening. The human mind becomes thoroughly relaxed and overcomes numerous phobias, addictions and obstacles. It also lets a person get rid of stress, sudden weight loss, and bad habits like nail biting, smoking etc. Hypnosis is a position in between emotion and motivation and the human mind has no problem in adapting the methods provided by hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis somewhat feels like magic, but it is actually a powerful relaxation of the human mind. When the mind is under hypnosis then the unconscious mind that resists to alterations in our everyday life becomes open to the change of ideas.

Samsung begins mass producing of alleged Galaxy S5, according to report

Samsung begins mass producing of alleged Galaxy S5, according to report

With the approaching of the end of 2013, Samsung will be launching its alleged smart phone of 2014, Galaxy S5. Latest buzz regarding the next flagship of Samsung depicts that it will be sporting 5.25 inches QHD, i.e., Quad HD AMOLED display. Moreover it has entered in to mass production. Sammobile mentions it as a Korean publication as well as says that the display of this alleged smart phone, Samsung S5 will include diamond pixel arrangement.

This had been presently used on flagship smart phones of smart phones of 2013. Those are presently unveiled Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4. The latest report had suggested the latest diamond pixel arrangement will provide improved pixel density and sharpness. Moreover the resolution of the screen of Galaxy S5 will be 1440×2560 pixels, having pixel density of 560ppi. A GFXBench listing had declared a device with the code name Samsung SM-G900S, which sports 1400×2560 pixels resolution of screen. Some latest reports had suggested that there were many plans of the South Korean manufacturer for launching two version of rumored Samsung Galaxy S5. According to the report, two variants will be included in Galaxy S5. A variant will be having a plastic body and another variant will be having flexible OLED and metal chassis.